Friday, May 29, 2009

My life's calling:

As some of you may know, since moving to Florida I have been on somewhat of a search for something to occupy my time. Not necessarily a job or anything like that, just a way to make new friends and get out of the house. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have found my purpose here at Eglin AFB today!

I believe that God has put me here to better Eglin AFB. How? By using my artistic abilities to paint ONE WAY signs for all of the streets that are one way but not marked as such!! You may be thinking that this will not take more than a day or two. NOT SO! Just on my way to the FRG (Family Readiness Group) to find some volunteer information, I passed 8 streets that should have some form of indication that you can only go in one direction that remain unmarked. And yes, I accidently went down a few of them, letting people honk their horns, roll their eyes, and point at me with their middle fingers. I did not become frusterated, just laughed, smiled, and waved. Why? BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SIGNS TELLING ME I CAN'T GO DOWN A STREET UNTIL AFTER I HAVE ALREADY TURNED...SOMETIMES AFTER OVER TWO BLOCKS OF WANDERING!

So, now that I know my purpose here, I can move on to other things, like my work out! I'm doing TurboJam Cardio Party 3 today, and I am REALLY looking forward to it! I'm hoping that my legs (which are so sore from yesterday's workout that I could barely get out of bed) will be able to sustain all of my knee-front-kicks! :)

Yesterday, Beej made a 100 on the hardest test in school, which also has the highest failure rate. I am SOOOO proud of him! If you get the chance soon, make sure to tell him how awesome he is! Because well, he just is!

Have a wonderful weekend, family and friends!

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