Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've decided that the best way to describe the relationship between me and my Legal Issues in Education instructor as equal to that of Harry Potter and Professor Snape. (And yes, I did just do that!) I think she hates me personally but still wants to look out for my best interests. I have had my suspicions about this throughout the course, but now the course is over and she literally GAVE (I have proof that I earned otherwise) me an A-, lowering my GPA to 3.93. I was upset about this at first, but then I thought about the way she would reply to my posts, and I realized that she is just a miserable being and I should feel badly for her. So, I do. :) I forgive you mean lady!!

I've been waiting on BJ's painting to get here since 7AM this morning, and it still isn't here. We are VERY much looking forward to finally being able to hang it in our living room though, so I'm going to hold tight with my front door and windows open so that I can bombard the UPS man when it finally arrives. :)

I haven't worked out yet today, but I am very much looking forward to T3 and AbSculpt. Hooray! I have a gym appointment with some other people that are doing the same workout as me online. Kinda creepy, but fun at the same time. For instance, yesterday, I hit myself in the face when I was "speedbagging" with my gloves on. Nobody was home, so I was a little sad that no one would be able to laugh at the situation. But alas, when I logged on to, I got to tell all of the people that were working out at the same time as me. And I guarantee you I made atleast 1 person in this country laugh out loud. So that was worth it. In other workout news, Nathan has declared his love for Chalene this morning! More updates on this later.

Speaking of Nathan, he will be here this weekend! Beej and I are sooo looking forward to his visit!

I hope everyone is having an EXCEPTIONAL day!

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